Common Goldeneye [Bucephala clangula] ~ #24

Common Goldeneye
Common Goldeneye ~ Lillooet, BC ~ April 5, 2015

My next stop for the day was the Naxwit Picnic area, just between the two one-lane bridges.  It’s closed until the May long-weekend so I had the place to myself.   The first birds I saw was a large gathering of Spotted Towhees, Dark Headed Juncos, Robins and a few Sparrows.  There were all on the ground kicking up dirt looking for dinner I presume.

The next bird I saw was one to add to my list.  There was a male Common Goldeneye on the other side of the channel and as soon as he saw me he started putting even more distance between us.

Common Goldeneye
Common Goldeneye ~ Lillooet, BC ~ April 6, 2015

The next morning I visited the same spot and saw the solitary Goldeneye sitting there again.  I wasn’t sure if this was a “Common” or a “Barrows” until I looked at my photos on my computer.  I’m pretty sure that he just has a white dot on his face which indicates he’s Common.  If he was a Barrow’s the white would be a bigger streak on the side of his face.

Female Common Goldeneye
Female Common Goldeneye ~ Stanley Park ~ January 2014

The females look quite a bit different from the males.  There were no females hanging around this time but I searched my archives and came up with this picture above from Stanley Park last January.


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