White-crowned Sparrow [Zonotrichia leucophrys] ~ #27

White-crowned Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow ~ Lillooet, BC ~ April 6, 2015

After chasing the Steller’s Jay I headed back to the Naxwit picnic area, where I had visited the day before.  I’ve seen a good variety of birds in this area so I usually head here at least once a day while I’m in town.  There’s tonnes of songbirds to be seen here, as well as ducks and raptors.  This time there was pretty much the same variety as yesterday; Juncos, Towhees, Robins and a solitary Goldeneye swimming in the channel.  I did see one to hit my 2015 list, the White-crowned Sparrow.  I was pretty happy to see this little guy as I had only seen this type once before.

White-crowned Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow

Once I spotted him he flew over my head and landed on a little mound not too far away (the first picture).  I tried to ask him to turn his head towards the sun, so there wouldn’t be such a shadow, but he wasn’t co-operating.  They’re pretty cute little birds but their head does seem a little out of place (no offense to the bird that is).

White-crowned Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow

Then as I headed back toward the car I spotted another one, with some white flowered bushes in the background.  I think this makes for some lovely bokeh for this picture (my new photography word 😉  )


  1. Nice pictures! I like that you captured the bird’s eye details in the last photo :-). And I find the little bits of shrubbery in all the images quite lovely and decorative. White-crowned sparrows are super cute but their heads and bodies do seem to belong to different birds.


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