The sun rises

2019 01 sunrise
Sunrise ~ Burnaby BC

With the coming of spring I find a breath of inspiration. I haven’t posted in a while. Being a single working mom doesn’t allow for much time for my hobbies. I seem to totally immerse myself for sometime, and then move onto the next. But as I always cycle around the same hobbies I never stray for too long. I love music as well and shortly after I stopped posting here I took guitar lessons. It was good, even had an opportunity to play music with my son, who’s been taking drums. That was an experience for the memory book!

And while I was taking guitar lessons my camera broke. My camera fell off my bed, a short distance onto the carpeted floor. It was enough to mess up the shutter, and it made it so I couldn’t take my lens off. That took me a while to scrape up the funds to get all that fixed.

My camera is back now and spring is in the air, filling me with the urge to get back out there. I am starting down this road again with the full intention of keeping down this path for while. My birding journey resumes.

The sun is rising on a new day…


    1. Hi Sherry! Thanks, I am glad too. I had my old camera body still but had no lenses (one was stuck on the other camera, and the telephoto one was super sticky so it had to go in to). That was frustrating.
      Happy first day of spring!!

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