American Robin [Turdus migratorius] ~ #22

American Robin
American Robin ~ Lillooet BC ~ April 5, 2015

I’m surprised the Robin wasn’t one of the first on my list this year.  I do know I’ve seen them since January, out in front of the school when I drop my son off.  I guess I just haven’t stumbled across them on my specific birding journeys.  I’d hate to think I overlooked this guy.  The Robin is pretty common so perhaps they get a little taken for granted sometimes.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any spectacular pictures this time around, but have included two.

American Robin
American Robin ~ Lillooet BC ~ April 6, 2015

Robins may be common in the Vancouver area, but there were tonnes of them in Lillooet.  Everywhere I went if spotted one, there were sure to be at least 20 more in the area.  They’d see my approach and let out a chirp and vanish into the thick, dark brush.  At one point I ran across a full gathering of Robins, Spotted Towhees and Dark-headed Juncos all on the ground kicking up dirt and grass looking for some grub.  I wanted to join in on the party but they all scattered when I started to approach.


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