American Robin [Turdus migratorius] ~ 2016 #10

American Robin
American Robin ~ Deer Lake, Burnaby, BC ~ Jan 9, 2016

Today’s post features the harbinger of spring, The American Robin. The Robin is usually associated with the start of spring maybe because they are one of the first species to start laying their eggs [Wikipedia]. However, in the Lower Mainland they seem to be pretty common all through the year. The picture above is the Robin we spotted while at Deer Lake in January, while the picture below was taken at Reifel last November.

American Robin
American Robin – George C Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta, BC ~ Nov 2015

One of my favorite pictures of the Robin is the picture below, from last spring. Looks like someone had a hungry family. Hard to believe he could carry so much in his beak.

American Robin
Beak Full of Grub ~ Colony Farm Regional Park, Port Coquitlam, BC ~ May 2015

American Robin [Turdus migratorius] ~ #22

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