Bushtit [Psaltriparus minimus] ~ #28

Last Saturday we went for a drive and initially were going to go to the Maplewood Conservation Area in North Vancouver.  However I wasn’t paying attention and drove right past it.  I kept on going and ended up at Cates Park.  It was a great park with nice trails through forested areas, right beside a beach and even had a nice playground for Mac to play in and burn off some energy.

Female Bushtit ~ Cates Park, North Vancouver ~ April 11, 2015

First we took the walking path, starting by the beach.  The first new bird I spotted was a little brown-grey girl hanging out mostly in the shade.  This was a first for me.  I’m sure they’ve been around but this was the first time I’ve been able to identify a Bushtit.  I like the lighter eyes, and as I discovered later that’s the indication that this is a female that I viewed.

Bushtit ~ Cates Park, North Vancouver ~ April 11, 2015

The path lead us to another little park with some swings, so Mac went for a swing while I snapped some pics of a male Bushtit that was hanging out at a nearby bush with some Towhees.  It was mostly cloudy while I was there and I was a little sad to find out when I got home that I wasn’t paying attention to my exposure and most of them turned out a little underexposed.  That’s OK though, it’s through my mistakes that I learn (hopefully).

Bushtit ~ Cates Park, North Vancouver ~ April 11, 2015

Such a cute little bird, very happy to add this to my list.  And this bird above was being quite co-operative by letting me get pretty close and he even stayed still for a second or two!!!

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