Northern Shovelers [Anas clypeata] ~ #35

Northern Shovellers
Northern Shoveller ~ Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta, BC ~ April 18, 2015
Northern Shoveller
Northern Shoveller ~ Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta, BC ~ February 2015

Saturday April 18th was a beautiful day, sunny and warm. I hadn’t been to Reifel for a few months and today was a great day to get out in some sunshine and see how many feathered friends I can add to the list.

The next bird that I spotted, #35 on my 2015 list, was a male Northern Shoveler in the distance. These ducks are unmistakable with their broad beaks.  The male sports a shiny green head and black beak, while the female is brown with an orange beak.  I didn’t get any close up pictures on this trip so I pulled a few from my collection.  (I seem to have lots of pictures with their heads in the water, I need to work on my shutter timing – lol!)

Northern Shovellers
Northern Shovellers ~ Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC ~ April 2014

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