Tree Swallows at Burnaby Lake

Tree Swallow
Tree Swallow ~ Burnaby Lake, BC ~ May 21, 2015

One of my favorite birds to watch is the Swallow. I love the way they dart and dive to chase down their dinner, how they can navigate at that speed is mind-boggling. When we had our lunch at Burnaby Lake last week there were tonnes of the little guys flitting around. It is a huge challenge to try to get a flight shot of these guys too as they are so fast and so unpredictable. As they are flying by I must have taken at least 20 pictures, 19 of which were blurs. The one non blur is this picture below. Even though it’s not so clear I was thrilled to see it when I was reviewing my shots at home.

Tree Swallow Flying
Tree Swallow in flight

We were at the little pier at the end of the walkway, looking at the ducks when Mac excited says “Look behind you mom.” Not too far away this cute little fellow sat in his blue satin tuxedo as if to say “Hey take a picture of me”. He’d flit away for a second and then turn around and come right back. Definitely a lot easier to get a clear shot when they stay still.

Tree Swallow
Look at me!!

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