Radical Raptors ~ part 3 ~ Denarius

Denarius ~ Gyrfalcon ~ Radical Raptors
Denarius ~ Gyrfalcon ~ Radical Raptors

This is part 3 of 3 about the stars of the Radical Raptors show at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. The last bird they brought out was Denarius, a gorgeous Gyrfalcon. In the summer these birds live and breed in the Arctic and Subarctic but in the winter they can be found in most areas of Canada, as well at the northern states of the United States. According to e-bird they have been spotted in the Lower Mainland, primarily at New Brighton park in Vancouver up to about March of this year (I know where I’ll be bird watching next winter).

Denarius ~ Gyrfalcon ~ Radical Raptors
Denarius looking all puffy

Not only is the Gyrfalcon the largest falcon, but is also one of the fastest. It’s diving speed can reach just over 200 km/hr (or 130 mph). Their main prey is actually other birds, and as it’s so fast can easily tire it’s prey out leaving them easier to capture.

Denarius ~ Gyrfalcon ~ Radical Raptors
Super fast flyer

The Raptor show was definitely a highlight for me of our trip to the zoo. Don’t even think I could choose a favorite between Hagrid, Caprice or Denarius ~ they were all such spectacular birds. Now I’m buying lottery tickets and dreaming of winning millions so I can have acres of land to devote my days to falconry. Until then my office job will just have to do. ~ lol!

Denarius ~ Gyrfalcon ~ Radical Raptors
Target acquired!

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