Radical Raptors ~ part 2 ~ Caprice

Caprice ~ Harris's Hawk
Caprice ~ Harris’s Hawk ~ Radical Raptor

Yesterday I talked about the first performer of the Radical Raptors show, Hagrid the Great Horned Owl. The next raptor to amaze us with their beauty was Caprice, the Harris’s Hawk. And what a beautiful bird she is. This is a bird that lives in the Southwest of North America so there’s pretty much no chance I’d have to admire this bird here in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

Caprice ~ Harris's Hawk
Caprice looking determined

Just look at her serious concentration as she stretches her wings to fly to the falconer. An interesting fact I learned about the Harris’s Hawk while at the show is that they are one of the few birds of prey who will hunt in small packs.

The falconer says Caprice is pretty smart too, and knows that no matter if she flies or walks that she knows there’s food in it for her when she gets to her falconer, so sometime she chooses to take the easy route.

Caprice ~ Harris's Hawk
Caprice taking a stroll

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