Vancouver skyline
Sunset and Vancouver city skyline ~ July 17, 2015

We’ve had a few fabulous sunsets here over the past two evenings. Friday nights’ sunset (above) had some really cool colour and texture with the clouds.

Last night’s sunset (below) was pretty awesome too. I sometimes keep my eye on the moon rise/set times so I can get a shot with it nice and big as it’s close to the horizon. Plus it’s an added bonus when the moon setting time corresponds with the sunset. Friday night’s sunset caught be a bit by surprise, but I set up for last night’s sunset and stood with my tripod on the balcony and snapped shots as the moon was setting. I believe that Venus is that bright spec to the right.

Sunset and the Crescent Moon
Sun and Moon setting backdrops Vancouver Skyline ~ July 18, 2015
Moon kissing the skyline
Moon kissing the skyline ~ July 18, 2015

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