Gray Catbird [Dumetella carolinensis] ~ #67

Gray Catbird ~ Lillooet, BC ~ July 4, 2015
Gray Catbird ~ Lillooet, BC ~ July 4, 2015

Here’s another bird that falls into the category of “heard but not seen”. I don’t recall ever seeing them in the Lower Mainland but are definite regulars in Lillooet. They can be hard to spot as they always seem to hide deep in the leafy bushes. Although you can’t see them you know that they are there because their “mew” call is pretty noticeable and distinct.

Gray Catbird
The Gray Catbird and his sidekick Robin 🙂

My first (visual) spotting of the Gray Catbird this year was at the beginning of July, while the capture above is from the end of July. This Catbird was foraging on the ground with a few juvenile Robins and Spotted Towhees. This time he let me get pretty close before he dashed off to the cover of the bushes. However he still wouldn’t stand still long enough to get a nice crisp picture of him. Pretty handsome fellow, with his little dark gray cap and all.

This picture below was from a few years ago, when I was lucky enough to get a bit of an opening in the bush this one was “hiding” in.

Gray Catbird
Gray Catbird ~ Lillooet, BC ~ August 2013

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