Marmot enjoying a sunny June day

Marmot ~ Lillooet, BC ~ June 21, 2015

I’m still trying to sort through my pictures from the first half of summer. There were a lot of trips to Lillooet, so there are many pics that I want to share (like the Harlequin family and the Osprey families) as well as a few new ones to add to my 2015 list. In my picture journey I was reminded of this cute fellow that I ran across in June.

According to Wikipedia the Marmot is actually a large squirrel, and close cousin to the Groundhog. There are many Yellow-Bellied marmots in Lillooet. They can be a little shy though and generally dart back into their dens as soon as they realize they’ve been spotted.

Marmot ~ Lillooet, BC ~ June 21, 2015

On this particular day this guy did bolt back to his rock pile after spotting me. A couple minutes later, as I was watching the Osprey and scanning the trees for warblers, he came out from hiding and proceeded to stretch out his little front legs and bask the sun from on top of his little mound. Guess he figured I wasn’t a threat to him. I slowly inched my way towards him and he didn’t even flinch as I crept closer and closer. I took a tonne of pictures, thanked him for his time and carried on to seek out some songbirds.

Profile – reflection of the mountains behind me in his eyes

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