Cooper’s Hawk [Accipiter cooperii] ~ #81

Cooper’s Hawk ~ Burnaby, BC ~ Oct 24, 2015

It was near the end of October and I hadn’t been able to get out to do any bird watching for a few weeks. We were doing some house cleaning when I looked out the window to see this lovely raptor sitting on the balcony of the building next door. It’s not often that I get birds in my “back yard” so I grabbed my camera right away and snapped a few shots. There were two crows nearby that were trying to harass him but he was unfazed, didn’t even flinch.

Cooper's Hawk
Cooper’s Hawk and crow ~ Burnaby, BC ~ Oct 24, 2015

I was scouring through some photos trying to get an id for this raptor but with the limited view I had of this bird I couldn’t get too many identifying features. I’m 90% sure it’s a Coopers Hawk, but if anyone else has any guesses please let me know in the comments below. He (or she) was there for over an hour and I was hoping to catch him fly away but I didn’t have the patience. Plus, the housework really needed to be done.

Cooper's Hawk
Cooper’s Hawk ~ Burnaby, BC ~ Oct 24, 2015

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