Merlin [Falco columbarius] ~ #86

Merlin ~ Reifel Bird Sanctuary ~ Nov 28, 2015

This is my last addition to my 2015 bird list. I know 86 birds is not really that much and have seen many do that many in less than a month. However considering I am a pretty new birder, and I don’t have a lot of time to go birding I am pretty happy with my findings this year. Plus it gives me a do-able target to pass this year. 😉

My last birding trip of 2015 was at the end of November, and my last bird of the year was one that I saw just as I was leaving Reifel. I was hand feeding some Chickadees by the exit and I noticed a bird perched at the top of a tree. It was a little obscured behind the branches, but managed to find an opening in the tree in front of me so I could snap some shots. I wasn’t exactly sure at the time what I was looking at, other than it was a tiny raptor and was pretty sure that it wasn’t one I had identified yet. I tried to get a clearer shot from a different angle, but my subject disappeared.

Merlin ~ Reifel Bird Sanctuary ~ Nov 28, 2015

I’m pretty sure this little bird or prey is a Merlin, almost just based on it’s size alone.  Plus the white eyebrow is a give away.

I had seen one in the spring of last year while in Lillooet. This picture below shows the Merlin having some lunch on top of a power pole. The lighting on this wasn’t so good as the sun was on the wrong side.

Merlin ~ Lillooet, BC ~ May 2014

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