Mallard Duck [Anas platyrhynchos] ~ 2016 #03

Mallard Ducks
Mallard Duck ~ Deer Lake, Burnaby, BC ~ Jan 9, 2016

The Mallard Duck is another very common bird in this area. They are so common that I’ll have to admit I overlook them sometimes when out birding, and as a result don’t seem to have too many pictures of them in my archives. Not really fair for this really beautiful duck.

Mallard Duck
Mallard Drake (from my Flickr Photostream)

The male Mallard is decked out with a glorious green shiny head (see picture above) while the females (below) are a little more drab, but certainly still beautiful. However as fall comes the males lose their colouration as they go into their eclipse plumage where their colouration matches the females. I realized this one fall while visiting the local duck pond and wondered what happened to all the Drakes as it just looked like there were females everywhere. So I went home and Googled “what happens to all the male ducks in autumn” to give me the answer (gotta love Google  🙂  ).  One just needs to look at the beak colour then to identify male vs female.

Mallard Duck
Female Mallard

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