American Wigeon [Anas americana] ~ 2016 #04

Male American Wigeon
American Wigeon ~ Male

With my first birding day of the year I figured if I went to one of the local duck ponds I could knock a few of the usual suspects off my list pretty quickly, and I wasn’t wrong.  I chose Deer Lake primarily because I don’t go here often enough, and I really needed to stretch my legs a bit.

We walked to the East end of Deer Lake and hanging out on the beach with the Goose and Mallards were a handful of American Wigeons.  The sun was low in the sky and making it a little challenging to get pictures.   I was looking through my archives to find some pictures to supplement this day’s photo and was disappointed to find hardly any pictures of this pretty duck.  I’m going to have to make it a mission to get some more pictures of the Wigeon this year.

American Wigeon female
Female Wigeon


American Wigeon [Anas americana] ~ #33


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