Mute Swan [Cygnus olor] ~ 2016 #23

Mute Swan
Mute Swan ~ Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC ~ Feb 8, 2016

Mute Swans are not indigenous to this area, but there are some that arrived over 100 years ago. Over the past year I’ve seen photos of Mute Swans in a few places in BC, but the only place I’m familiar with is Lost Lagoon at Stanley Park. I love watching the graceful white birds floating in the lagoon. Last year I had read the parks board was considering letting this swan population dwindle out, to allow birds that are more native to the area to settle in. It would be a shame not to see them anymore.

Mute Swan
Mute Swan ~ Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC ~ Feb 8, 2016


Mute Swan [Cygnus olor] ~ #34

A day at Stanley Parks’ Lost Lagoon


  1. They are so beautiful :-). And I always feel delight when I see them. But then I feel sad that they can’t fly and that their eggs are destroyed every year. I didn’t know they couldn’t fly until I read one of your posts on them last year. And then I learned about the swan whisperer. I actually saw her feeding the swans one day. A very sweet interaction. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

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    1. Thank-you for your comments … and for stopping by my blog! I agree that it is sad that their population is so controlled. But at least they have a beautiful home, and nice people to feed them!

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