Vancouver International Auto Show ~ 2016

Today’s post is a little different than my usual bird postings. I like cars, purely for their aesthetic qualities; the colours, the lines, the customizations. Spring in Vancouver not only brings flowers and birds but also brings the annual International Auto Show.

Well I’m certainly a little slow on the draw here, as the car show was about 5 weeks ago. But I was sifting through my pictures the other day and thought I’d share some pics from the 2016 Auto Show which took place at the end of March.

I had quite a few pictures so I grouped them and made a few galleries.  Click on some pictures and take a better look at some of these wonderful cars.

There were a few classics to admire:

Being a Mustang fan here’s two of my faves:

When I dream of winning a lottery I imagine adding a few of these exotics to my garage:

And here’s a few more highlights:

If you like cars click here to see pictures from last years’ show.If you like cars click here to see pictures from last years’ show

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