Northern Pintail [Anas acuta] ~ 2016 #38

Northern Pintail
Northern Pintail (male) ~ Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta, BC ~ Nov 2015 [clicking this picture will take you to my Flickr PhotoStream]
This handsome fellow is one of my favorite dabbling ducks. The Northern Pintail can be found wintering at my favorite birding spots like Reifel and Burnaby Lake.

Northern Pintail
Northern Pintail (male) ~ Burnaby Lake, Burnaby, BC ~ Feb 27, 2016

He really does stand out in a crowd. He is easily recognizable with his elegant long neck and his chocolate brown neck.  He’s even recognizable when his head is under water, searching for food, as his long tail feathers are a dead give away.

The females share the same long neck and tail feathers but are a little more plain.  This is one bird though where it can be a little tricky to identify females as immature males share the same colouration.

Northern Pintail (female)
Northern Pintail (female) ~ George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta, BC ~ Sept 2015


Northern Pintail [Anas acuta] ~ #37


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