Weekend in Lillooet ~ 3 of 5

Young Towhee?
Young Towhee? ~ Lillooet, BC ~ July 2, 2016

One reason I go to Lillooet is that there are a lot of birds there. And not only have I seen birds but (lots of) insects, snakes, marmots, river otters, beavers (which I haven’t actually seen, just witnessed their logging attempts), deer, big horn sheep and bears.

This wasn’t the most productive birding trip, but did catch a few to add to my list down the road. I heard many birds, but they were all teasing me, hiding deep in the brush or high up in the canopy. I wasn’t too sure of the id of the bird I captured in the picture above, but am pretty sure it would be a young Spotted Towhee.

1 OF 5 (Lillooet)
2 OF 5 (The Old Bridge)
4 OF 5 (damselfly)

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