Weekend in Lillooet ~ 4 of 5

Damselfly ~ Lillooet, BC ~ July 2, 2016

There were two awesome birds there which I just missed capturing. One was a Belted Kingfisher. As I walked down the path he spotted me, let out a screech and was out of sight before I could lift my camera up. Another time there was a small raptor in a tree who didn’t even stick around long enough for me to get an id. Sometimes I’m lucky … sometimes not so much so.

I did see a lot of bugs though, makes me wish I had a macro lens. I’m guessing this is a damselfly due to it’s size, but I definitely need more practice to id these flying insects.  What ever it was it certainly blended in well.

1 OF 5 (Lillooet)
2 OF 5 (The Old Bridge)
3 OF 5 (Towhee)

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