Happy 2017!

Hello, and although it’s a little late ~ Happy New Year!

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged.  I wandered away from WordPress mid-way through July last year and just never found my way back… until now. I did have many more bird shots (and other pictures) over the second half of the summer, but not too many shots over the last months of the year.


Instead of trying to pick up from where I left off I’ll just start fresh for 2017. This year one of my goals is to upgrade my camera gear. I currently have a Nikon D3200, and generally use my Nikon 55-300 lens. For the past two years I’ve been tucking away a little cash every paycheck and now almost have enough to upgrade to the D7200 (still have to decide on which lens, as I’d like to get one that’s clearer and hopefully with more range to help better capture those chirpers that sit in the tree canopy). This makes me even more excited for spring to come!


This main subject of this blog (in case you didn’t know by now) is birds. Specifically I try to document all the birds I’ve been able to correctly capture (via photography) and identify over the year. Sometimes this results in photos that may not be ideal, but it also encourages me to always try to get the best shot with respects to both the composition of the subject (ie – lighting/clarity/background) and also helps my photography skills and knowledge as I try to get the right settings to capture a good image.

So in order to start the year off right I went looking for a new template to use, thinking I could freshen things up.  That took some time, and I tried a few out and think I’ve found a template I’m happy with.


Now I’m ready to add new content.  Was going to go out and get some more pics this weekend, but my son is sick so it looks like it’s an “inside weekend”.  Good opportunity for me to work on my blog though.

I’ve already got a few birds for 2017, and looking forward to keeping up with my blog this year.  My goal is to post twice a week, on Sunday and Wednesday.  And it won’t be all birds, I’ll be throwing in the occasional flower, insect, wildlife, cat and whatever else may catch my eye.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope that you have a successful 2017!


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