Surf Scoter [Melanitta perspicillata] ~ 2017 #08

Surf Scoters
Surf Scoter ~Second Beach, Vancouver, BC ~ February 12, 2017

These seabirds are pretty awesome looking. I like the expression on the guy on the right in the picture above.

Seeing double
Seeing double

I first spotted the Scoters while at Ambleside and actually thought I was going to add the White-winged Scoter to my list. However upon further analysis of this photo below I realized that they were female Surf Scoters, not White-winged. The key id point I found was that female Surf Scoters have white around their beaks.

A few weekends ago we went for a walk around Lost Lagoon, looking for some material for this blog, and when we hit Second Beach I was very happy to see the Surf Scoters a little closer to shore than the ones I had seen previously in West Vancouver.  It’s fun watching them as one second they’re floating around and then as if on cue they dive and disappear.

Surf Scoters
Surf Scoter ~ Ambleside, West Vancouver, BC ~ January 15, 2017

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