sweet spring

This was taken a few weeks ago, as the flowers were just starting to poke out.  A little later than normal this year, but better late than never  😉

Spring is here!
Crocus ~ Deer Lake, Burnaby, BC ~ March 4, 2017 [click on picture to enlarge]


  1. Ah, crocuses. They surely are a harbinger of spring. We are in the midst of melting snow and dry grass here. I remember skating on Deer Lake one chilly winter years ago. And I guess Oakalla’s prison grounds are entirely built over now. Changing times.

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    1. Winter seemed entirely too long this year – too long and too cold!! So glad we’re entering the warmer months now, it’s refreshing seeing everything come back to life. (and I had to google it, but yes there is housing now where Oakalla was – I was always wondering what that structure was, thanks for leading me to solve that mystery!)


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