Golden Eagle [Aquila chrysaetos ] ~ #18

Yesterday I initially was going to check out a new birding spot, either Maple Wood or Boundary Bay.  However it was pouring profusely in the afternoon.  By the time we had lunch and run a few errands the rain had stopped and there were moments of sunshine.  I had seen on Flickr and WordPress that there was a few unique birds hanging out at Jericho and Lacarno beaches, so I thought I’d get a quick visit to the beach and go check it out.

Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle ~ Spanish Banks ~ April 4, 2015

As soon as we parked (at Spanish Banks)  I noticed this large bird out on a little patch of sand that was sticking out, it was low tide and the water gets really shallow pretty far out there.  I couldn’t quite make it out with my eyes, but I could tell it was quite large.  After examining my photos I’m pretty sure that was a Golden Eagle (what do you think?).

Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle ~ Spanish Banks ~ April 4, 2015

The pictures aren’t the greatest, but best I could do with my 300mm lens.  I tried to get a little closer but the Eagle flew away.  I snapped a few shots as it was leaving, but the result is distant and fuzzy.  (Next on my wishlist is a bigger lens … but that won’t be for sometime.  )

The next bird I saw was a good find (stay tuned for tomorrow’s post)….

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