The nameless kitten

Cat Nap
Cat Nap

This weekend we added a little whirlwind to the household. It’s amazing how distracting a little fluff ball can be. It’s hard to catalog my pictures when he looks at me with those blue eyes and says “mew” in the cutest little voice. It’s hard to write a blog about my birding adventures when I have little teeth and claws biting at me toes, co-ercing me to play. But it’s all good, they’re only kittens once.

Playing in "The Tube"
Playing in “The Tube”
Being a kitten is tiring work
Being a kitten is tiring work

My friends in Lillooet have a soft spot for animals, and many a stray have adopted them over the years. A while ago I heard about a female cat that was pregnant that had adopted them. One day she started coming around and it was obvious that she had given birth, but the kittens were no where to be seen. Until one day when she was inside their fence, and some movement caught Gary’s eye and to his surprise it was 4 kittens. So they took the kittens in and tried to find homes for them.

On my last trip to Lillooet I met the kittens and really adored the one Siamese/tabby cross, but really had to think about it because we already have 2 cats in our apartment. When I went back to Lillooet the following weekend (to rehearse for The Wild Onions gig on July 25th) the little kitten still hadn’t found a home and they were considering taking it to a Rescue in Pemberton. Next thing you know little kitty is taking a car ride back to the Lower Mainland.

Common interests
Common interests

There was some hissing from The Brothers, our 2 ginger tabbies, but that didn’t seem to phase the kitten at all. It’s been 48 hours since I brought him home and the hissing has stopped and the playing has already begun.

He may look sweet....
He may look sweet….

Now if we can just come up with a name….


    1. Thanks – Yes, he is quite a cutie! And thank-you for your comment. I actually did not know what those markings were called, an either did the receptionists at the vet. His mom was like a Lynx point, but she was half Calico highlights as well, very unique looking cat. I’m just up in the air as to if he’s Lilac or Chocolate … one website said you can tell by his paw pads, if they are brown with hints of pink (which they are) then it’s a Chocolate point. Regardless I just love him!!! 😀 ❤

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