The Wild Onions

From 2005 until 2009 I lived in Lillooet BC.  I won’t go into too much detail right now about that chapter in my life, I’ll save that story for a different day.

I had heard that some folks were trying to get a band together to play during the Apricot Festival in the summer of 2008.  That was how I met Gary Swaenepoel (bass guitar) and Dee Long (guitar, keyboards and all things electronic).  ( Dee was a member of a fabulous 1970’s band Klaatu. )

Wild Onions playing at Salmon in the Canyon 2008
Salmon in the Canyon ~ August 2008

We managed to pull together some great songs and not only played the Apricot Festival that year, but also entertained for events like Salmon in the Canyon and Rivermania, playing in the 40+ degree heat, with the instruments threatening to melt.

The Wild Onions Street Dance ~ 2009 Aug
The Wild Onions Street Dance ~ 2009 Aug

In 2009 we played at the Street Dance again.  This was the year of the Mt McLean fire, and while we were playing, at the mountain behind us there were helicopters continuously bucketing water on the fire.  I think this was also the year that we were experiencing high winds and the canopy over stage was not secured properly and Dee just about got seriously hurt by flying posts.

We even recorded a live CD, “Born to Be…“, which we recorded on Halloween when we played at the Curling Rink.  We have some great rockin’ tunes in our repertoire from The Beatles, to Grand Funk Railroad, from Cyndi Lauper to Billy Idol and a whole bunch in between.

Here’s a video that I did up to go along with our version of Cyndi Laupers’ “Time After Time”, recorded live at our New Years’ gig when we ushered in 2010.

I totally enjoy singing in the Wild Onions and am really glad that I can call Dee and Gary friends.  Not only are they awesome musicians, but they’re great people as well.  Looking forward to the summer of 2015, and playing at the Apricot Festival once again!

The Wild Onions ~ Apricot Festival ~ Street Dance ~ July 2014
Apricot Festival ~ Street Dance ~ July 2014


  1. Enjoying your blog, my niece Tracey. Found the ‘Time After Time’ recording and it’s very good – has that ‘Distinctively Tracey’ sound. Love to you.


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