Happy Caturday…

Squeak and Rocky ~ July 30, 2015
Squeak and Rocky ~ July 30, 2015

July was a pretty busy month. A few road trips, a gig with The Wild Onions at Lillooet’s Apricot Festival and a new kitten to add to the chaos. And if I thought taking pictures of birds was hard well I’ve found myself very challenged to get some good shots of the kitten.   I  have learned a new thing about cats, and that is that Rocky’s colouration is referred to as a Lynx-Point (thank you thefoodieandthephotographer!)  Very happy that the kitty is being accepted into the pride, and his big brothers are taking good care of him. ❤ Although it’s almost over, Happy Caturday!

I have quite a few new birds to catch up on, hopefully I’ll catch up before the new year! Hope everyone is a having a great summer so far!


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