Blue Moon rising

Blue Moon
Above the Horizon

I just got back from another road trip, probably the last one for a few weeks. Going to spend the next few weeks catching up on my 2015 bird list, boy I have a lot of pictures to go through! In the meantime I thought I would share the pictures I took of Friday nights “Blue” moon.

Blue Moon
Over the Trees

I put the tripod on the balcony and took various shots, using different settings to capture the full moon rising. Previously when I’d take pictures of the moon I would end up with a big glowing orb. This year, in my quest to learn my camera better, I’ve been practicing and am pretty happy with how these pictures turned out.

Blue Moon

According to Wikipedia a Blue Moon is either the fourth full moon of a season, or the second full moon in a month. July 31st, 2015 fell into the latter category. As you can see the Blue Moon is not actually blue.

Put May 16, 2016 on your calendar, as that will be the next Blue Moon.

Blue Moon
different perspective


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