Summer Fledglings ~ Part 1

Fledgling Sparrow
Fledgling Sparrow ~ Lillooet, BC ~ July 4, 2015

While birding this year I ran across a few fledglings, more than I usually see actually. I find the fledglings very difficult to id, as most of them don’t have their characteristic markings yet.

The one above I believe is a sparrow, based on the streaky belly and the colour pattern on the wings.

The scruffy guy below though I have no idea. If anyone has any thoughts please let me know in the Comments below.

This little guy is a mystery to me.

The last two are both juvenile Chipping Sparrows (and are both linked to my Flickr photostream). The first one I was able to confirm because I spotted the parents foraging nearby and sharing their finds with this one. This picture was taken in June, so I believe he was quite young.
The second sparrow I had to ask some assistance on, as I almost thought it was a Vesper Sparrow. But the person who id it was pretty sure it was a juvenile Chipping Sparrow.


Little Chipper

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