Eclipse of the Super Moon

Hello! I’ve been on a hiatus over the past month, but I’m back in the swing of things. I have some more birds to add to the 2015 list, and will do some other postings of pictures that I took over the summer. I’ve finally got them organized a little bit better so they are easier to work with.

Orange sunset
Orange sunset

Last night was the combination of a Super Moon and the lunar eclipse. I was so happy that the skies were clear that night so I set up my tripod on the balcony where I have good view of the moon rising (plus a good view of the sunset).

By the time the moon came over the horizon it was eclipsed and very faint.

Eclipsed moon rises
Eclipsed moon rises

Night time/moon shots haven’t been my forte but I’ve been working on them over the past year. Unfortunately my tripod wasn’t being as stable as it needed to be so many of my shots turned out as if my camera was drunk and seeing double. However I did get a few shots I was happy with.

Lunar Eclipse of Super Moon
Eclipsed Super Moon ~ posted on my Flickr Photostream
Last stages
Last stages

The next time we’ll witness such a phenomenon will be in 2033. I am hoping that night will be as clear as this night was.

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