Killdeer [Charadrius vociferus] – #72

Killdeer ~ Boundary Bay Regional Park ~ Aug 22, 2015

It was a beautiful day near the end of August and I wanted to explore a new location. I ended up picking Boundary Bay Regional park as my son and I had never been there and it seemed like people were finding interesting birds in that area. Shorebirds seemed to be showing up in greater numbers so taking a stroll by the waterfront seemed like a good opportunity to try to id some Shorebirds (which can be pretty tricky).

Killdeer ~ Boundary Bay Regional Park ~ Aug 22, 2015

We parked at Centennial beach and took a stroll down the beach. I spotted some shorebirds some distance away so we kept walking on the beach, instead of the path. I wasn’t expecting to be stuck thigh deep in the muck though, and my son certainly wasn’t happy with me (lol!). I saw the sign after we got off the beach to “Beware of Muck” (or something to that affect), but obviously missed that warning entirely. Anyhow we managed to pull ourselves out of the muck with no loss of shoes (sandal was almost lost) and with only a little mud on my camera strap. When we got back to solid ground I spotted this little Killdeer. Unfortunately I only got some blurry pics before he flew away, think I was a little thrown off my game when I sunk into the mud or something.

I had seen these little plovers before, last August at Reifel and found the shot below from last years’ collection. I understand they get their name by the sound they make “Kill-deer“.

Killdeer ~ Reifel Bird Sanctuary ~ August 2014


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