Double-crested Cormorant [Phalacrocorax auritus] ~ #79

Double-crested Cormorants
Double-crested Cormorants hanging with the Gulls.

In early October we went downtown for lunch and for a walk around Lost Lagoon at Stanley park. These double-crested Cormorants are quite common in the Stanley park area. These birds have interesting feather pattern on their wings and have beautiful jewel-like eyes.

Double-crested Cormorant
The fish is saying “Nooooooo!!”

Cormorants are excellent fishers. From about 900AD fishermen in Japan and China utilized these birds for their fishing talents. A ring would be put around their necks so that the bird could not swallow the bigger fish it would catch. They probably didn’t do it with this specific breed of Cormorants though as they used Japanese Cormorants, Great Cormorants as well as the Anhinga.

Double-crested Cormorant
Cormorant ~ Lonsdale Quay, North Van ~ Jun 2014

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