Red-tailed Hawk [Buteo jamaicensis] ~ 2016 #31

Red-tailed Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk ~ Burnaby, BC ~ Feb 23, 2016

There were a few weeks in February where I would see a hawk out in the trees in front of my office. Some days he’d be pestered endlessly by the crows (although that didn’t seem to phase him) or sometimes he’d be left alone. I had brought my camera to work one day to take some pictures of our equipment at the yard. As luck would have it I spotted the hawk in the tree at the end of my day. I slowly approached him, because I was trying to get some sort of angle without all the branches in the way. He didn’t seem to mind me, but just as I got a better angle he took off and glided towards some brush about 50 feet away, his short reddish tail fanning out as he approached his target.

I did take a few pictures, but they just showed a similar pose with a variety of branch placements.

This was a lifer for me ~ #96 on my overall birding list!

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