Mallard Duck [Anas platyrhynchos] ~ 2017 #04


Mallard Ducks
Mallard Ducks ~ Ambleside, West Vancouver, BC ~ Jan 7, 2017

I kind of feel bad for the birds this time of year. I mean, I know they are probably pretty well insulated, but it just seems like it’d be so cold paddling around in ice covered ponds. Just yesterday I saw a few ducks trying to walk through some snow which was so deep they were having a heck of a time navigating through it. I tried to tell them that they had wings and could fly over it but they were persistent and kept plowing through the cold white stuff.

Mallard duck
Mallard fight ~ George Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta, BC ~ March 2016

Did you know? “The standard duck’s quack is the sound of a female Mallard. Males don’t quack; they make a quieter, rasping sound.” []

Mallard and her babies ~ Burnaby Lake, Burnaby, BC ~ April 2016


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