Vancouver International Auto Show ~ 2017

This year’s Vancouver International Auto Show saw record numbers go through the doors. My son and I went on the Friday night trying to avoid the major crowds, as it’s a lot harder to see all the cars and get good pictures with so many people milling around. Besides, I have to be honest, big crowds aren’t really for me. It doesn’t stop me from going, but certainly can be exhausting. On this day however I was feeling rather energized, however Mac was a little tired even before we finished on the first level!

I took tonnes of pictures and separated them into different galleries. First we have my favorite, The Exotics.


This gallery (below) contains just a small selection of the cars seen.

They even had some older cars featured.  The most interesting car here is the custom made, bullet proof 1937 Cord.  Here’s a link to a story about that car for more background.

One thing I like to capture at when I go to car shows are the logos and emblems shown on the vehicles. This last gallery features a few emblems captured at the show.

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