Spotted Towhee [Pipilo maculatus] ~ 2017 #19

Spotted Towhee
Spotted Towhee ~ George C Reifel, Delta, BC ~ February 25, 2017

I was looking at last year’s post on the Spotted Towhee, which was also first spotted at the end of February. However last year I was already on my 39th bird, whereas this year has not been so fruitful yet. That’s okay though, there’s a lot of the year yet to go. Hopefully the weather will be reasonable this coming Easter weekend and I can get some birding time in!

Although these fellows are quite abundant I find it really hard to get good pictures of them. Usually as soon as I get close enough to start thinking about focusing on them they’ve scattered into the underbrush. On this February day at Reifel though they were a little braver and were joining the Sparrows and Juncos foraging by the paths for little bits of seed the ducks may have overlooked.

Spotted Towhee
Spotted Towhee ~ George C Reifel, Delta, BC ~ February 25, 2017  [click for larger image]
FACT: “Watch a Spotted Towhee feeding on the ground; you’ll probably observe its two-footed, backwards-scratching hop. This “double-scratching” is used by a number of towhee and sparrow species to uncover the seeds and small invertebrates they feed on. One Spotted Towhee with an unusable, injured foot was observed hopping and scratching with one foot.” ~

Spotted Towhee
Spotted Towhee ~ Burnaby Lake, Burnaby, BC ~ February 2016

If you’d like to see pictures from my prior years’ posts click the year: 2016 / 2015 / 2016 juvenile

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