Red Dragon

Dragonfly ~ George C Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta, BC ~ May 27, 2017 [click for larger image]
In a post I posted a few weeks ago I mentioned that I had just upgraded my camera and I was having some challenges with it. I took it back to Kerrisdale Cameras where I purchased it to find out if I was missing something or if there was something wrong with the camera. Turns out the camera’s focus needed aligning for my lenses and in about 10 minutes he had adjusted the camera for me.

Last weekend was beautiful, sunny and hot so Mac and I headed to Reifel for the afternoon. I put on my new lens (Sigma 150-600), gave my son my old camera and we spent the day snapping our feathered friends. The flowers were blooming, birds were singing and there were many bees and dragonflies buzzing about. I couldn’t get a front view of this red Dragonfly, but was pretty happy with the clarity of the pic.

I tried to id it, but not much luck there. If anyone had any pointers as to what kind this is it’d be appreciated.

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