Bald Eagle [Haliaeetus leucocephalus] ~ 2017 #29

Bald Eagles
Bald Eagles ~ George C Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta, BC ~ February 2017

When you go to Reifel there’s a pretty good chance you’ll spot a Bald Eagle or two. Just before the bridge to get to Westham Island there’s a large nest in a tall tree and once I even spotted about 5 Eagles (young and old) just taking up various perches around the bridge. However, for some reason I can’t find any pictures of that nest in my collection (note to self, next time make time to get some good shots of this spectacular nest).

The picture above would be my first sighting of the Bald Eagles this year (can you see them waaaayyy in the distance?). This was taken in the far corner of Reifel, close to the tower. Certainly wish the picture was clearer, but I do like the Heron flying in the foreground. The only other pictures I got were some blurry and badly lit flying shots.

Bald Eagle and crow
Bald Eagle (and crow) ~ Burnaby Lake, Burnaby, BC ~ March 2016 [click to see larger image]
The picture above was actually taken last year at Burnaby Lake. This Eagle was hunting a “raft” of Coots swimming in the lake, and apparently this Crow was taking offense to it.

The picture below was also from last spring at Reifel. I went into one of the blinds, and this time I spotted this family bathtime. Even though it was pretty far away (picture is pretty cropped) I really enjoyed watching them flap in the water and preen.

Bald Eagles
Bald Eagles ~ George C Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta, BC ~ March 2016

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