Bufflehead [Bucephala albeola] ~ 2016 #07

Bufflehead (male) ~ at the Pier in White Rock BC ~ Jan 24, 2016

While at Deer Lake I caught sight of a flock of Bufflehead in the distance. I snapped some pictures but they were a little out of range for my camera, so the pictures didn’t turn out too good. However a few weeks later I spotted one while at White Rock, which is the fine fellow at the top of this page.

Bufflehead (females) ~ George C Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta, BC ~ Nov 2015

The males have that iridescent green/purple head with the large white patch, while the females are a little more subdued with gray colouration and a white dot behind their eye. One thing I found out while looking at Wikipedia is that Bufflehead will nest in the cavities trees, usually previously used by the Northern Flicker.

Bufflehead flying away


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