White-crowned Sparrow [Zonotrichia leucophrys] ~ 2017 #10

White-crowned Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow ~ Ambleside, West Vancouver, BC ~ January 15, 2017

In the bushes there were many little sparrows. It was hard to get many pictures though because as soon as I’d get close they’d run into the shelter of the bushes. My first outing (the previous week) I saw Golden-crowned sparrows but this time I snapped something different. I actually posted this on a bird id site and the feedback I got back was that it was a juvenile White-crowned Sparrow. Sparrows are tricky enough sometimes, but the juveniles lack some of the easily identifiable features. So grateful for the  people on the web that like to share their knowledge.

White-crowned Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow ~ Lillooet, BC ~ June 2015

I caught this White-crowned Sparrow (above) a few years ago while on one of my Lillooet road trips. I am amazed at how much food they can pack. 😀

White-crowned Sparrow ~ Ambleside, West Vancouver, BC ~ Jan 15, 2017

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